Leonardo DiCaprio Was Scared to Film Flamethrower Scenes…

When you think of firey explosions, flamethrowers, gunfights, and special effects in feature films, action movies, war movies, car crashes and all the crazy special effects that make you cringe and hug your seat… it takes a great deal of planning, safety, strategy, and direction to execute those 15 seconds of cinegasmic experience.

Even small scenes like a romantic candle-lit dinner, a crackling fireplace, or even an old fashioned camera flash using flash powder, all require some form of pyrotechnic specialty. Shooting a production that uses such effects requires situational awareness, heightened alertness, increased safety, additional insurance (see our insurance write up), and extreme caution amongst other things, to do correctly.

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“The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, ‘You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.”


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Make A Mini Pocket Flamethrower

  1. Get a lighter. You can buy these from most small stores.
  2. Take off the cover. It should snap or pull off but you can also use pliers.
  3. Adjust the wheel. Turn the adjustment wheel all the way to the plus side (usually the right).[1]
  4. Turn it back to the left. Lift the tab up so that it isn’t touching the wheel and turn the tab all the way back to the left.
  5. Set it down and repeat. You can do this several times to turn it up as much as possible.[2]
  6. Turn it on. Be careful. You should get a 3″+ flame. You can readjust as necessary.
  7. Make the flame bigger. Take it up a notch by spraying WD-40 or engine degreaser at the flame. Hold both far from your body and away from other people and flammable objects. It will make a HUGE flame.[3]

These instructions are solely for satiric humor. They are extremely dangerous. Do not perform or follow any of it. If you do so, you’re undertaking this at your own risk. Don’t make us start handing out Darwin Awards.

Flamethrowers In Use

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