Amanda Cerny is a super awesome YouTuber and actress with a killer bod. She also models and is a fitness lover with more than 36 million fans on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

From YouTuber to Actress to Fitness Model

Amanda has amassed a huge following sharing her hilarious self-written, self-directed comedy sketches on Instagram and YouTube (@AmandaCerny). Amanda grew her career and Segway’d into traditional Film, TV, and Fashion. Recently, she has become the face of Guess in the recent Global campaign.

People since have taken a keen interest in her health and fitness secrets, to which Amanda launched @CernyFit on Instagram where she lets fans in on her secrets to maintaining that incredible physique. Amanda not only put in the time to develop her very own CERNY FIT Fitplan with celebrity trainers and experts, but she’s been filming awesome workout routines at locations like Ventra7’s Downtown LA Rooftop. Only the best for #TeamCerny!

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