Virtual viewings aren’t the only paradigmatic transformation 3D scanning will bring to commercial and residential real estate. We are on the cusps of a radically new way to engage with the digital world. Currently, 3D scans of your property provide data that lets you host virtual open houses, but soon, you will be able to build custom augmented features to include with a lease or property sale.

But before I explain how, I need to explain the tech behind real estate scanning and why it is revolutionary.

What is Real Estate Scanning?

Real estate scanning is more than a 3D capture of your property. It is a 3D point cloud that uses lidar technology to measure the spatial distance between objects in relation to each other. This gives architects the ability to build complete 3D floor plans, ideate renovations, and give potential buyers a virtual tour of a listing.

Our lidar cameras measure the spatial awareness of a 3D space by tracking the time it takes for light from specific data points to reach its camera. This technology is revolutionary because the aggregate data generates a digital twin. So that when a new lens senses the same data point, it can compare it to the previous one and provide a live virtual representation of the space. This gives any 3D scan the ability to become a living virtual mirror of the real thing.

Why 3D Scanning is Important to the Real Estate and Augmented Reality Industry

At its core, the importance of 3D scanning is the data it provides to property buyers, designers, and augmented reality users.

When potential buyers view a 3D scan of your property, they get an immersive experience that pictures and CAD floor plans could never provide. And since the data is customizable, they can engage it in ways never thought imaginable. For example, they could re-position and replace custom elements like couches, dining tables, and beds.

But this data isn’t just useful for buyers. Since it can provide a basis for perpetual virtual experiences, you can also make futuristic augmented enhancements. These can be rare 3D Beeple NFTs and an endless list of automated functions that turn your house into a smart home. And what’s more, you can bundle all of these enhancements into a house NFT (link to Why An NFT of your House Will Outlive Snoop Dogg’s Metaverse Mansion) so that you have digital rights to who can engage, build and monetize the 3D scan of your home.

How 3D Scanning Can Help Sell or Lease Your Property Faster

It’s a numbers game. With the proper marketing, a 3D scan can help you sell or lease your property by hosting an unlimited number of interested buyers at the same time. The intricate detail of the scan can provide customers with all the data they need to make an offer. This means you spend less time answering questions and speeds up the home selling process.

And since the virtual tour can be customizable, the experience is arguably better than viewing an open house in person. But with 3D maps, you could even make these customizations possible in augmented reality. For example, you could provide in-home visitors the ability to fill the empty space with their augmented furniture of choice. Or say they already scanned their own bed frame and want to know how it looks and fits in the primary bedroom. Well, if you have a 3D scan, you can give them the ability to see what it would look like through an augmented or virtual lens.

This level of detail has never been made possible. And if your competitors are offering these features, buyers and renters may be discouraged from even considering your property.

How Our 3D scanning Process Works

With the right professional, a 2000 ft² 3D scanning procedure takes no longer than 30 minutes. One of our V7 reps will arrive with a Matterport camera to begin. They will then appropriately position and camera and scan each room. Each scan uses lidar technology to formulate a 3D point cloud, and they only take 20 seconds each.

The scanned property is then uploaded to the Matterport cloud, where an algorithm synthesizes the data. After 3 hours of processing, Matterport will render a 99% accurate 3D virtual model. It can be accessed from any location, shared over social media, and even embedded on your website. No additional tools, special lighting, or staging equipment are required.

And remember, the applications of this scan go far beyond virtual tours. They are an investment that you can even bundle into a sale or lease of the property. If you would like to use our services, give us a call or drop us a line. We can even connect you with legal counsel for minting an NFT of your property.

Our V7 own, John Luke Gilbert

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